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Pre Editing Questions

Place all your folders into one single master folder, right click on the master folder, choose properties and write down the size of the folder.

This depends on the upload speed of your internet connection and the amount of data you would like to upload. You can test your upload speed here: For example, if you want to upload 1’000 MB of data and your upload speed is 1 Mps (“one megabyte per second”) then it will take 1’000 seconds (17 minutes) to upload your files. You can calculate the exact time needed for your upload speed with this tool.

If the two videos are similar and based on the same raw video files, such as creating a part 1 and 2, it’s better to place one order and clearly mention this within the description section of your quote. If the two videos are different, for example, one requiring a quick edit on an interview and the other consisting of a music video, placing 2 orders would be appropriate.

For better organizing your shot list please download Shot_List.docx

For better organizing your editing decision list please download Editing_Decision_List.xlsx

Organize all your files into desire folders. Then place all you desire folders into one single master folder and upload it to the server (once you get our invitation for upload).

Editing Questions

Yes, as long as we receive the material, we could then upload ourselves and continue collaboratively on your project straight through to it’s completion.

Yes, we have an established network of creative individuals in the production and post-production industry. For additional Audio, Video or Graphics services, simply detail those needs in the request form and we can go from there.

For better understanding video editing terminology please download Video_Editing_Terms.pdf

Yes, but we can provide original music as well.

Yes, we edit the footage and sync with the voice over. Please provide us with your voice over track.

Yes,we can match the words of a song with the picture and do color coding.

Yes, we do YouTube trailers.

Yes, we edit videos taken from any device, including iOS and android phones.

This depends on the length of the footage you send us. Usually a project takes 3-6 days. Revisions take 24 hours.

Our standard package comes with 3 free revisions.

Please provide us with a sample and we will review to see if we can improve the video.

Our editors are professionals and the results delivered will be of premium quality. We will include 3 project revisions in the job in order to make the video to your requirements. In the rare event where a customer is not happy with the final result of the video we will keep the deposit to cover parts of our expenditure already outlaid. However, we can honestly say that this happens in less than 1% of our projects.

Payments Questions

We accept PayPal and Interac eTransfer.

You upload your materials after you have paid the 50% down payment.

Other Questions

We will never share your data with anybody outside our organization without your explicit consent.

After you sign off your project, we will delete all files we hold within 15 days. We assure you confidentiality.

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